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Vocational Diagnosis and Assessment

Each client referred to CEC Associates is evaluated in terms of his/her vocational potential. Whenever a client lacks the functional capability to return to his/her previous job, we can conduct a complete evaluation leading to a realistic and practical rehabilitation plan. When a personal interview is not feasible, our skilled evaluators are capable of diagnosing and assessing an individual’s employability through file review and job analysis.

Job analysis involves observing a specific job to determine the physical, mental, and environmental demands of that position. With this information, we are able to formulate a job description for the purposes of a physician’s review.


Job Analysis

Job development includes several phases of vocational rehabilitation such as labor market surveying, résumé preparation, job seeking skills, training, motivational counseling, job placement, and follow up. Effective job placement leads to substantial reduction of costs associated with lost time following injury or illness.


Job Development

Through interviewing and testing, we can assess an individual’s strengths and limitations as they relate to employability.

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