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For a copy of any of the recent publications by staff at CEC Associates on the subject of Disability Management in the workplace, please contact the publication or CEC directly. Single copies are available from CEC, or we can assist you in getting multiple reprints from the publisher when that is required. CEC also recommends articles from other authors. Below are links to those articles, which are of relevance to Disability Management.

"The Importance of Testing in Forensic Vocational Disability Assessments," co-authored with Fred Heffner, Ed.D., published in The Rehabilitation Professional, Volume 19, Number 1, April 2011.


"Assessing Occupational Disability Following Trauma and Impairment," chapter authored by Jasen M. Walker, Ed.D, and Stacey A. Petersen, M.S., published in Assessing Impairment: From Theory to Practice, by Springer Publishing, 2009. (http://www.springer.com/psychology/child+&+school+psychology/book/978-0-387-87541-5)


"Explaining Acquired Occupational Disability," published in The Rehabilitation Professional, Volume 17, Number 2, 2009.


"Application of the FCE by Vocational Experts," chapter authored by Jasen Walker, Ed.D., CRC, CCM, published in Guide to the Evaluation of Functional Ability How to Request, Interpret, and Apply Functional Capacity Evaluations, by AMA Press, March 2009. (https://catalog.ama-assn.org/Catalog/product/product_detail.jsp?productId=prod1300004)


"Disability Management Parallels Positive Psychology in Work Organizations (Pennsylvania Self-Insurers Association, September 2008 [Part I of II] and October 2008 [Part II of II])", by Jasen Walker, Ed.D., and Fred Heffner, Ed.D.


"Human Resource Management of Disability Proneness," published by Society for Human Resource Management as White Paper, May 2007.


"Vocational/Disability Assessment as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy of Individuals with Acquired Disabilities," published in The Pennsylvania Psychologist, Volume 68, Number 5, May 2005 Quarterly.


"What Skills does a Young Person Need for a Rewarding Career," co-authored with Fred Heffner, Ed.D., published on-line (www.cecassoc.com) and in The New Worker, February 2005.


"A New Lexicon for Industrial Rehabilitation and Disability Management," presenter at National Rehabilitation Association's Annual Training Conference, October 2004.


"Forensic Vocational Assessments," 5th Annual Pennsylvania and New Jersey I.A.R.P. Conference, June 3 and June 4, 2004.


"Motivation to Return to Work After a Workplace Injury: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Vocational Examination," June 2004.


"Critical Issues Stemming from the Difference Between Impairment and Disability," Trial Lawyers Section of the Montgomery Bar Association, May 12, 2004.


"Establishing Earning Power Under Act 57," 17th Annual Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law Seminar, April 2004.

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Smart, J., Ph.D. (2006-2007). Challenges to the Biomedical Model of Disability. Advances in Medical Psychotherapy & Psychodiagnosis, Volume 12, pp. 41-44.

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