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For you and your business, CEC Associates, Inc. offers a complete portfolio of vocational consulting services. These valuable assets to your business include disability case management, vocational rehabilitation services, training and continuing education, forensic services, and career assessments.

CEC Associates, Inc. is capable of assessing an individual's vocational strengths and limitations. Let us conduct a complete evaluation and develop a realistic rehabilitation plan.

Let CEC Associates create and operate a Disability Management Program (DMP) that you, as an employer, can understand and easily implement.

Career counseling can help individuals identify their job potentials and, ultimately, their ideal career path. Before you head to college, give us a call for counseling.

CEC Associates is approved to provide continuing education units for certifications, including CRCC, CDMSC, and CCMC.









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Forensic Services

April 15, 2019

A Shadow Play: Considering the Effects of Walls on Mental Health

Within every brick found in every wall around the world, there is an autocratic assurance of peace.  Each brick is a word in a statement that proudly proclaims, “You are now safe.”  When the light of the day shines on each and every wall in the world, shadows are cast which no one can escape.  In this darkness, we forget what it means to be human.  Empathy is abandoned.  The concept of “We” is divided into “Us” and the “Other.”  This is the truth that lies in the shadows of each of the nearly 70 walls that reinforce the borders of many countries around the world.  Full blog post.

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Forensic services provide information that answers legal questions regarding the effect that medical impairment has on occupational capability.

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August 21, 2018

Train Rides and Good Small Books

I love to take the train.  I do not have to drive, and a train ride gives me (and you) time to read while traveling.  Train rides should not be too long, and the trip from Philadelphia to New York City seems just right for reading.  Allow me to suggest some great books that you can finish on the train during a short round-trip adventure.  Full blog post.




First published nearly 26 years ago, Dr. Walker's article, “The Difference Between Impairment & Disability: A distinction worth making," remains a topic of strong interest in the scientific community. With over 1,000 reads on ResearchGate, the article, clearly the seminal discussion regarding the distinction between impairment and disability within the workplace, remains noteworthy.


Dr. Jasen Walker & Ms. Amanda Sizemore have  published an article, "Effort Testing in Forensic Vocational Assessment" in The Rehabilitation Professional, Volume 27, Number 1.


Springer published in electronic & print format:

Assessing Impairment:

From Theory to Practice, Second Edition,  

in which Dr. Walker has co-authored the chapter,

“Assessing Occupational Disability

Following Trauma and Impairment.” 

November 6, 2018

Will the Children Save Us?

In case you did not notice, the recent political debates that captured the attention of both Democratic and Republican candidates for state and national offices did not seem to include climate change, and if those debates did reference global warming, that topic and the reported positions of those parties failed to reach mainstream media. Full blog post.