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Our History of Commitment

Where We Are Going...


Our focus for the future is strong, and we look forward to the challenges the future holds. Additionally, we hope to:


  • Continue to contribute to the conceptualization of disability management in business and industry by authoring articles on the subject. We have, over the years, written and published a substantial number of articles on the topic of disability management. Frequently, those articles have suggested innovative approaches to disability management that grew from our experiences. At other times, our contributions have been clarifications and “How-to’s” or “Best Practices” in the field of disability and absentee management.

  • Serve employers and employees as they endeavor to make return to work the rule rather than the exception in work-related accidents. A return to work for injured employees has become the standard for vocational rehabilitation, and we hope to contribute our experiences to the growing acceptance of this critical concept.

  • Make positive psychology a mainstream organizational concept and accepted business practice.

  • Continue to develop and make available to employers the methods and materials required to plan and operate effective return-to-work programs. Creating these materials and methods has become second nature to the way CEC functions, and we hope to continue doing so.

  • Maintain our commitment to offer quality career assessment and vocational counseling to those entering the labor market or making a career change.

  • Continue to conduct workshops and seminars on issues identified by our clients as being of value to their work.

  • Strengthen our client relationships and provide more service choices to them.

  • Seek out more opportunities to be involved in our community.

  • Improve the effectiveness of our website, especially in terms of disseminating valuable information.

  • Continue in the never-ending pursuit of happiness for all of our clients and all of our hard-working staff. We firmly believe true satisfaction is the result of fulfilling one’s potential, and we shall work mightily to make that happen.

Learn more about our history and our experienced team!

Associate biographies

Jasen M. Walker is the President and Director of Services at Corporate Education and Consultation (CEC) Associates, Incorporated, a multi-service organization with the mission of preventing and managing human risk factors in the workplace. Dr. Walker has excelled in the fields of education, rehabilitation, human development, personal effectiveness, and business training since 1973. He has had the opportunity to teach youth, parents, teachers, graduate students, human service professionals, physicians, nurses, and lawyers, among others. He currently consults with organizational leaders and members of the legal community regarding issues related to occupational disability and risk factors that result in employee lost time. He has become a well-known expert in forensic matters having to do with vocational disability and residual employability.


Dr. Walker has authored several dozen articles and a compendium of papers speaking to organizational reform in managing workplace disability. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Science, Counseling, and Educational Psychology. He is a Diplomate with the American Board of Vocational Experts and a Clinical Associate with the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists. He is certified as a Managerial Mediation Trainer, Rehabilitation Counselor, Case Manager, and Disability Analyst. He has been a Vocational Expert for the U.S. government since 1979, and Dr. Walker is licensed as a Professional Counselor and Rehabilitation Counselor. Dr. Walker is frequently invited to speak to members of medical societies, legal groups, businesses, and other professional organizations.


Esther V. Weiss is the Vice President and co-founder of CEC Associates, Incorporated, and has been active in the field of human services since 1977.


Initially, Esther worked as a Mental Health Professional with a neurologically impaired population. In addition, she provided family and individual counseling services. Since 1981, she has worked as a rehabilitation counselor, case manager, vocational counselor, supervisor, and manager.


She holds an undergraduate degree in Social Services and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Case Manager, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a Diplomate for the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, a Diplomate for the American Board of Disability Analysts, a Certified Managerial Mediation Trainer, and a Vocational Expert for the U. S. Department of Labor, Social Security Administration.


Dina McAfee is the Operations Manager at CEC Associates. She has an undergraduage degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University, and in December 2009, she completed her MBA with a concentration in Accounting.


In December 1998, Dina began her tenure at CEC as the Front Office Coordinator. She continued with CEC as the Proofreader/Administrative Assistant in early 2000, and by 2003, she was the Administrative Supervisor for the office.  With her experience and drive to continue her education, Dina became the Office Manager.


Amanda Sizemore  is a Vocational Evaluator, Psychometrician, and Supervisor at CEC Associates, Inc.  She is an International Psychometric Evaluator for which she is certified through the American Board of Vocational Experts.  She is a Disability Analyst and Fellow certified through the American Board of Disability Analysts.  She graduated from Cabrini College in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Philosophy.  She obtained her master's degree in Psychology from Villanova University in 2010.  Amanda joined CEC Associates in May 2010 as a Clinical Assistant.  She became the Clinical Assistant Supervisor in March 2014.




Our experienced team

CEC Associates, Inc., began as a result of Jasen Walker and Esther Weiss’s mutual desire to test the challenges of entrepreneurship and improve on their individual experiences working for a national rehabilitation organization. Jasen and Esther met in the early 1980s when they both worked for the Philadelphia location of a very large company that had offices in a number of cities throughout the country. In 1983, Jasen and Esther resigned from that organization with the goal of starting a more customer friendly company that could provide its clients with a number of customized rehabilitation and disability management strategies.

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What We Have Learned After More Than 30 Years...


First and foremost, we have learned that those companies that practice proactive disability management generally have a significant advantage over those companies that do not. Well-managed companies practice proactive disability management, and disability management carries major rewards for employers and employees who embrace and practice it.


There are two tangible advantages of aggressive disability management: cost containment and employee loyalty. While the cost containment factor is key for all employers, the loyalty and dedication of their employees is also an essential aspect of business development. Employers who are concerned about and supportive of their employees do not advocate this relationship simply because it is fiscally prudent to do so, but because it is farsighted and practical. Employees who recognize that their employers are genuinely concerned about their well-being (and the well-being of their families as well) reward employers with near total commitment to the company’s goals.


While all companies need to keep focused on their central mission, CEC has always felt a responsibility to share its knowledge and experience not only with its client base, but with the broader community as well. For this reason, CEC assisted Villanova University in developing a master’s level rehabilitation counselor curriculum. CEC has planned and conducted workshops in critical topics surrounding disability awareness and management, competent vocational assessment, career change, and positive psychology. The New Worker is one of the longest-running newsletters in the country that deals with both public and private sector issues related to disability management and other human factors in the workplace.


In more than 30 years, CEC has educated rehabilitation counselors, risk managers, nurse case managers, lawyers, physicians, insurance adjusters, employers, and the general public on topics such as: Conflict Resolution; the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Workers’ Compensation and Family and Medical Leave Act Integration and Compliance; Disability Prevention and Management; Disability Etiquette; Job Accommodation and Modification; Career Change; and Disability Proneness. While sharing and distributing information, we have, perhaps inevitably, learned more than we have taught others, but we look forward to maintaining our continuing education commitment and ultimately our dialogue with those interested in reducing the financial and human costs resulting from occupational disability and the unfortunate misconceptions associated with it.

CEC Associates was born and began receiving case management and vocational rehabilitation assignments from employers and law firms throughout the northeastern region. In 1986, Dr. Walker’s forensic services also became available to law firms in Dade and Broward Counties of southeastern Florida.