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For you and your business, CEC Associates, Inc. offers a complete portfolio of vocational consulting services. These valuable assets to your business include disability case management, vocational rehabilitation services, training and continuing education, forensic services, and career assessments.

CEC Associates, Inc. is capable of assessing an individual's vocational strengths and limitations. Let us conduct a complete evaluation and develop a realistic rehabilitation plan.

Let CEC Associates create and operate a Disability Management Program (DMP) that you, as an employer, can understand and easily implement.

Career counseling can help individuals identify their job potentials and, ultimately, their ideal career path. Before you head to college, give us a call for counseling.

CEC Associates is approved to provide continuing education units for certifications, including CRCC, CDMSC, and CCMC.









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Forensic Evaluation

Forensic Services

July 10, 2017

Is it all about me?

The principle of egocentrism is the inability or unwillingness to differentiate one’s self from others or in the colloquial, navel-gazing.  It can also be described as the belief and resultant attitudes and behaviors that one is “numero uno,” or should be.  Egocentrism is the unfortunate vehicle in which many of our society’s dysfunctions travel and seed.  Full Blog post.


5th hero

Forensic services provide information that answers legal questions regarding the effect that medical impairment has on occupational capability.

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June 13, 2017

Personality, Personality Traits, and Personality Disorders

In the most recent edition of The New Worker, we spoke of measuring temperament in vocational evaluation and the importance of understanding the role of temperament and personality in occupational compatibility.  We would like to now explore personality more closely, as well as further define personality and personality traits.  Full blog post.





Springer published in electronic & print format:

Assessing Impairment:

From Theory to Practice, Second Edition,  

in which Dr. Walker has co-authored the chapter,

“Assessing Occupational Disability

Following Trauma and Impairment.” 

March 5, 2018

Getting Work Done

Most of us – no, all of us – in leadership positions experience frustration with the “unfinished business” that others seem to generate.  Failure to “cross the t’s and dot the i’s” seems to plague those we supervise.  As supervisors, we experience it as “not getting the job done.”  Nothing can be more frustrating, unsettling, and worrisome.  Full blog post.